I found more patterns

I found more patterns that we haven’t put back on the site yet.  It may take me a little longer to get them online, but hopefully not too long.  Boy, the old site was a mess.

Just wondering

Do you ever have a hard time sitting down to do your latest projects?  I do.  I can daydream all day about when I have time to stitch next, then when I have some time, I just can’t seem to get started. It’s not that I don’t enjoy tatting and quilting, and any other project

It’s Done

Just wanted to let everyone know that all the patterns are now available (they have all been restored, the last 12 uploaded yesterday) in the free tatting patterns page, and all gallery items have been uploaded to the gallery. It’s been a lot of work, but now it’s done!

Almost there…

15 more patterns have been restored to my site now.  We’re almost done thanks to Bruce!  He has been a real trooper and has posted almost all of them for me.

33 more patterns today!

We’re making great headway on getting the free tatting patterns restored to the site.  There are 33 more on the site today!

The latest quilt on my machine

When I loaded this quilt on my longarm it was the first time that I didn’t need to read the instructions.  Yay!  I don’t know why that was so confusing for me.  It makes sense now. The design is strips of scraps with black borders and black strips between the scrapped strips.  I’ve had this

More patterns

We’ve managed to get 16 more of my free tatting patterns on the site today!  We still have a lot to go, but we’ll get there.  Thanks for all the kind comments! Today is Bruce’s birthday, and I offered to take him out for steak.  He loves steak.  But he completely threw me for a


FInally!  I’ve been wanting for years to update my site, and it’s finally well on its way.  This new set-up should be easier for me to maintain, so hopefully you’ll see more updates. A lot of my free tatting patterns disappeared from my site a while ago, and I’m in the process of putting them