The painting is finished

At least in the stairwell.  It turned out beautiful!  We still need to put the shade in the window, but we’re waiting to do that until we have the whole house painted.  I guess it will serve as added motivation to get it done. Fresh paint feels so good!  The only down side is that

Here’s the next project!

Last summer we started painting the interior of our house.  We’ve been here for almost 14 years and have never painted it except for some paint downstairs and one room upstairs.  Interior decorating is not my thing.  After we finished all the rooms upstairs, we took a break for the holidays.  Finally, yesterday I put tape

Completed quilts

The quilts for the twins are done, shipped, and they were delivered today.  Two quilts in five days–that’s a personal best. In my last post, the quilt tops were done and mounted on my machine.  It sure made the quilting go faster to have both of them on there at the same time. I used

I’m a grandma again!

The twins were born on December 22!  They’re doing very well and just came home from the hospital yesterday. I thought I had until January to get their quilts done.  Silly me…I know twins come early a lot of the time.  So now I’m rushing to get them done. I picked a very simple design

Christmas sewing projects

I’m determined to get ready for Christmas early this year!  I have already purchased all the gifts I need to purchase.  Yay!  But there are always gifts that I make. Project 1:  My daughter asked for a “soft fluffy robe” this year.  Several years ago, I made robes for my boys out of Joann’s Soft

I’m glad this is a practice quilt

I’ve finished the quilting and taken the quilt off the machine.  Yay!  This is a quilt to I threw together years ago as something I’d practice with once I finally got a longarm.  So that’s what it was.  Simply practice, and thank goodness that’s all it is.  I know the first quilt is not going

They’re all there!

I believe I have all the old free patterns on the site now.  If there’s one you don’t see here or on my store site, please let me know! Here’s the link to the patterns on this site And here’s the link to the second page of patterns on this site

Four more

…including all of Bruce’s doily!  I’m down to less than ten patterns to go, and I think I’m done restoring them to my site. See them on this page