Barb’s Quilt

This is my first quilt ever using a longarm machine. Oh man, was that fun! I don’t own a machine yet, but I intend to. I was able to use a little time on a Statler Stitcher belonging to Kelly Gallagher-Abbott. I have wanted to have one of these machines for a long time, but since I got to use Kelly’s, I’ve decided that this year is the year. I just need to figure out how to create a studio down in the basement.

For the top I used the Flock of Geese pattern in the book Scrap Quilts Fast and Fun by Patricia Wilens. I wanted to make it all in blue scraps with each square a different fabric, but it turned out that I didn’t have nearly enough. So I made red, green, and purple, too.

I decided to put the squares together with a rainbow effect, and I think that worked out really well.