Christmas sewing projects

I’m determined to get ready for Christmas early this year!  I have already purchased all the gifts I need to purchase.  Yay!  But there are always gifts that I make.

Project 1:  My daughter asked for a “soft fluffy robe” this year.  Several years ago, I made robes for my boys out of Joann’s Soft and Comfy fabric, and they were fabulous!  My youngest son left his at the house for a while, and I enjoyed it while I had it.  So that’s what she’s getting.  She wanted a darker color, so I bought the purple.

The only down side to this fabric is it makes a mess when you’re working with it.  Here’s what my shirt and my table looked like when I was done cutting it out. I’ll have to wear something old when I sew this together.


Projects 2 and 3: Years ago I got really frustrated when trying to figure out what to give my grandkids for Christmas.  Their parents really get into gift-giving, and the kids don’t lack for anything fun to play with.  Then I started thinking about what I liked when I was a kid.

I don’t remember why, but I always hoped to have new pajamas for Christmas.  One of our traditions was to open one gift on Christmas Eve.  I think my folks started doing that just to get us to go to sleep that night.  I tried my best to find the gift that had the new pajamas in it.  I didn’t always get them, but I always hoped, and I always looked.  It was such fun to wear them that night and the next day!

That’s when I decided to become the Pajama Grandma.  I either buy or make new pajamas for each of my grandkids each year, and I try to get them something that reflects their likes at the time.  My grandson is getting some pajamas with minions on them, but I just couldn’t find anything that worked for the girls.

So today I ended up at the fabric store and found two different flannel fabrics and a pattern for a nightgown.  I hope they like them!

Project 4: And lastly, my daughter-in-law who is a nurse is getting something homemade.  I don’t know why, but she’s particularly hard for me to find a gift for.  Fortunately, this year she said she wanted stethoscope covers, and Pinterest then became my best friend.  I found a bunch of them that were made from fabric, or knitted, or crocheted.  So I had my son take measurements of her stethoscope, and knitted a tube big enough to slide over the bell.  Then I had my son try it on the stethoscope.


Looks like it’s going to work!  I bought a soft variegated thread because I liked the different colors and I like the texture you get with a variegated thread.  I’m thinking this one was a mistake.  The different colors in the variegation were rather long, so I didn’t get a mottled look; I got stripes.  I looks like a snake!  I plan on making a couple more for her, so maybe they won’t be as snake-like.

I didn’t realize until this weekend that anytime I asked him to measure the stethoscope or try the cover on, that he was sending my daughter-in-law to her bedroom until he was done.  Oops!

I think that pretty much covers my Christmas projects this year.  I need to go–time to get stitching!  I have a lot to do and not much time.

What are you making for Christmas gifts this year?

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  • Sandra Figg

    September 10, 2016 at 10:01 am Reply

    Nancy, I hope you get notifications of comments, because I realize this is an older post by now. I’m looking at the Christmas tree and notice it is one shuttle only. I’m not an expert tatter, but don’t you need another thread source for chains? Is it possible that it is actually using CTM – 1 shuttle and ball?

    • Nancy Tracy

      October 8, 2016 at 8:15 pm Reply

      Hi Sandra

      This is possible using CTM, in fact, it’s preferable.

  • Susan

    March 3, 2016 at 9:53 am Reply

    Stethoscope cover! Great gift for my soon to be DIL for her Christmas gift. We got her a new scrub top last year so I think I will make both for next year. She’s a psych nurse so I will look for Looney Tunes fabric for them! I looked for a scrub top like that but the only one I found was expensive and ugly.

    You will like this…they fell in love in the mental wing of Breckenridge Hospital in Austin and will be getting “hitched” at Fat *ss Ranch and Winery in Fredericksburg, TX. Look up the site and you will see the reasoning for the name of it.

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