Denim Jumper

I just can’t help myself. Here’s another dress for my granddaughter. This is denim that came with cherries embroidered on it. My mom has an embroidery machine, so I went to her house and she embroidered the cherries on the pockets, and the cherries on the panties. I used McCall’s pattern 5166, but got rather frustrated with it. It was designed in such a way that there ended up being places that were very thick, and nothing I could do about it. I wish I’d changed the design of the jumper slightly to eliminate that, but I didn’t know. The back of the dress is button-up, but one of the fat sections was on the bodice right above the skirt–right where a button must be. It was just too big to put a buttonhole in. So I sewed the buttons on as a decoration then added velcro for the closure. I’ve been thinking I need to make a little gingham hat to go with it, too.