Tatted Clover Flower Edging

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Tatted Clover Flower Edging

I’ve been tatting for over 20 years and I’m still learning. In fact, I have a LOT to learn. This month I taught myself how to make an tatted “onion ring” using Georgia Seitz’s excellent instructions. An onion ring is a series of rings that encircle each other.

I had originally wanted to do this edging as a series of just onion rings, but once I’d done one in pink, I realized how much it looks like the flowers that grow in the clover here in North America. So I added clover leaf motifs between the flowers.

This pattern was tatted with size 20 Flora thread. It is intermediate level (but an experienced beginner could do this) and uses two shuttles. You will need three shuttles if you don’t use theshoelace trick.

Printable pattern (127K. Opens a new window.)

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ds double stitch R ring Ch chain SL shoelace trick
OR onion ring p picot j join

You will need:

Tatting thread in your choice of color, size 20. The sample on this page was done with size 20 Flora thread.
2 tatting shuttles

Tatting: Clover flower visual pattern - onionOnion

R: 6ds p 6ds, close
R: 6ds p 6ds j to p of previous R, 6ds p 6ds, close
R: 10ds p 2ds j to first p of previous R, (2ds p) 7 times, 2ds j to last p of previous R, 2ds p 10ds, close


OR, turn
Ch: (4ds p) 3 times, 4ds, SL
R: 6ds j to last p of OR, 3ds p 3ds, close
R: 3ds j to last p of previous R, 6ds p 3ds, close
R: 3ds j to last p of previous R, 3ds p 6ds, close, SL
Ch: (4ds p) 3 times, 4ds, turn
Repeat until the edging is as long as you wish.
Cut and tie.

Tatting: Clover flower edging visual
Copyright 2007 by Nancy Tracy, All Rights Reserved.

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