Tatted Wedding Rings

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Tatted Wedding Rings

I have “wedding” on the brain this month. My niece got married in Virginia at the beginning of the month, and asked me if I would host an open house at my home on May 30. Of course, I lost my head and said I would.

Now I see all the dirt in my home…

So, since I’m thinking wedding, I thought I’d tat something “wedding”. I started off with trying to design a wedding bell edging, and that was a total flop. So I thought maybe wedding bands.

It worked! In fact, I thought it would be fun to add more Josephine Knots on the woman’s ring and really make it fancy, but for the sake of brevity, I’m leaving just one on. After all, I have a house to clean!

This pattern is beginner level and uses two shuttles. I used DMC Cebelia size 30.

Printable pattern (147K. Opens a new window.)

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You will need:

Thread in your choice of color and size
2 tatting shuttles
A safety pin and a tiny crochet hook

ds double stitch
p picot
JK Josephine Knot

How to make a Josephine Knot


Man’s ring

R: 1ds p 4ds p 1ds, close, turn
*Ch: 7ds, turn
R: 1ds j to last p of previous R, 4ds p 1ds, close, turn*
Repeat between * until 13 rings are completed.
Ch: 7ds, turn
R: 1ds j to last p of previous R, 4ds, j to first p of first R, 1ds, close, turn
Ch: 7ds
Cut and tie.

Woman’s ring

Wind one shuttle with about a yard (1 meter) of thread. Cut off the ball and tie to another shuttle. Wind a few times. Add the safety pin to the thread between shuttles.

Ch: 8ds, starting the stitching against the safety pin and pushing the stitches snugly together. Do not turn.
JK 15, do not turn.
Ch: 60ds, pushing the stitches snugly together as you go.

Cut the threads and remove the safety pin, making sure not to close the little loop it made at the beginning of your stitching. Put the woman’s ring through the man’s ring. Using a tiny crochet hook (I used size 16 or 0.4mm), pull one of the threads through the loop and tie a knot.

Tatting: Man's wedding ringTatting: Woman's wedding ring
Copyright 2009 by Nancy Tracy, All Rights Reserved.

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