Friendship Quilt

In the hopes that we would get some of our UFOs done, the ladies at work decided to get together once a month to work on our projects. Not only does that give us a chance to relax and work on things, it gives us a chance to gab. 🙂

A year or so ago, somebody decided it would be fun to make a friendship quilt. We decided in order to keep it workable, and to encourage more participation, the squares we’d make would be a finished size of only 4″. We each made 12 squares, then exchanged for everybody else’s. That gave each of us 12 unique squares for each person’s quilt. One of us went out and purchased enough fabric for everybody, then split it up, so we all had the same fabrics to work with. We set a deadline for having them done, then went to work!

The day we exchanged squares was fun. It was exciting to see what everybody came up with! Some people, like me, made 12 squares all exactly alike. Others tailor-made each square for the person who was to receive it. Others just made 12 unique squares and let us pick which one we wanted. What was fun was that each person’s square fit each person’s personality, too! I made the fan with the tatted edge (not a surprise).

Not everybody has their quilt completed yet, but most have started. The differences in the way people are putting them together are interesting, too! I went for the fastest way I know to put it together using sashing and arranging them in a rectangle. One of us is making a crazy quilt collage out of them. That one will really be a piece of art!