Green Dress

If you like the look of the wrong side of your fabric, use it! I made this dress to wear to my stepson’s wedding from crepe-backed satin, and put the satin side on the inside. I loved the hand of this fabric and the color was right for the wedding, but to put satin on this body is always a big mistake! I checked the back side, and saw that it was absolutely perfect. The back is a plain weave with some knobby threads which make it interesting–a rich, classy texture. This fabric has a lot of body to it. It flows, yet it’s firm, perfect for a formal suit.

The skirt is straight and fitted, with a slit up one side. It’s hemmed to hang just above the floor when I have my shoes on. The jacket is made of the same fabric, but with coordinating lace over top of it. The side seams, princess seams, and shoulder seams are all invisible on this jacket. To learn how to make invisible seams in lace, check out my sewing tips under “Seams”. I cut the lace pieces one at a time to ensure that the scallops matched at all the seams, and to place the motifs where I wanted them. If I’d really been on the ball and had thought to purchase enough fabric, I would have placed the scallops along the center front and around the neckline as well.

This dress was a real pleasure for me to wear. I felt good in it, perfect strangers stopped me as I walked around the church and complimented me on it, and best of all, I won the Champion ribbon at the county fair for best formal!