Here’s the next project!

Last summer we started painting the interior of our house.  We’ve been here for almost 14 years and have never painted it except for some paint downstairs and one room upstairs.  Interior decorating is not my thing.  After we finished all the rooms upstairs, we took a break for the holidays.  Finally, yesterday I put tape around the doors upstairs and in the stairwell, at least everywhere I could reach.  This part of the house will be the most challenging by far.  Our stairwell is open to the second story, so there are some really difficult areas to reach, even for my tall hubbie.  In this photo, I’m about halfway done taping.  The whole area used over two entire rolls of tape!


We’ve been brainstorming how to get the edge of the wall at the highest point, which is above the stairs.  A friend of ours told us to place a board over the walls in the photo above and walk on that.  That was a resounding NO!  This must be safe.  We borrowed a really tall ladder at one point, but that didn’t work out.  So we taped as much as we could reach with the ladders we have, and this is what Bruce did to reach the rest of it.  He taped the brush to a broom handle then just painted the edge very, very carefully.  So smart!  And he did a beautiful job, too.


So the first coat of paint is done along all the edges.  We probably won’t have time to paint again until Tuesday, but I’m really hoping that we can have all of this done by next weekend.

And a final photo…Ansel approves of the work done today.  He was my constant, confused, and most curious companion the whole time.



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  • DeDe Baker

    December 10, 2016 at 12:44 pm Reply

    Where will I buy my tatting thread?

  • Pauline Richard

    November 11, 2016 at 11:47 pm Reply

    Hi: What are you doing with my cat Monty. What a likeness and seems like he has the same mannerisms, What a job doing renovations. I did a lot of them back from 2008 to 2010 and left only two rooms untouched but they are next along with a deck on the west side of the house. Patio doors are already in. Need to change garage door and siding to match house. Also need to fix concrete on front porch. Thinking of tearing out concrete and going wood with nice pillars and rails. What you have done in the other room is very nice. I am sure you will take a very well deserved rest when it is done. Good luck on finishing and getting the decorating done to your liking.
    Pauline Richard
    Port Colborne, Ont Canada

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