Geese in the Garden Quilt

This was one of my two entries in the 2010 Hoffman Challenge. See a larger image here.

This quilt started as a Celtic knot and morphed into a garden. I wanted to try some new techniques on this quilt, and I learned a lot by doing it.

I paper pieced the geese, added fabric origami for the flowers (they are pieced into the quilt, not appliqued), and cut holes in the quilt at the top of each loop. That was fun, and harder than I expected. But then, I did it the hard way.

I blogged about the quilt while I was making it; something I wish I’d done for my two previous quilts. It helped me remember what I’ve learned, and it was just fun to get feedback as I went. You can find my blog here.

This quilt didn’t win anything, but it traveled. And with the quality of entries that year, I’m very pleased to have been selected to travel!