Mini Temari Quilt

This year the quilt guild I go to, Rocky Mountain Creative Quilters, decided to make our president a series of mini quilts to put in a book instead of a large quilt. Apparently, she already has a house full of them! This is the design I came up with for it.

I wanted to do another temari design, and I wanted to do a dark pink rose. I looked it up…dark pink roses mean “thank you” in the language of flowers. So I used the temari rose design and modified it slightly. It’s actually a quilting design, too. Then I added a bias stem and some leaves and finished it by quilting a rose on top of the rose and echo quilting the rest of it.

The quilt is only 10″ (25 cm) square.

I was pleasantly surprised at the “contemporary but traditional” feel this design ended up having. This could be addictive!