My new shuttle arrived today!

fullsizerenderShuttle by Design cat shuttle

I met Rita Richmond, owner of Shuttle By Design at Tat Days this year.  When I had some free time, I headed to her booth to see what she had.  She makes the most awesome shuttles!  They’re light and smooth, and they hold a ton of thread.  They’re absolutely perfect for designs with beads.  Just look how much room there is on it.  You can fit a whole lot of beads on there.

And best of all, she had a book of designs I could order from.

I’m a sucker for anything “cat”, and when I saw this design, I just had to have it.  Her original design had a gray and a brown one, I think.  I have a black and a gray cat, so I asked if it were possible to change colors.  She wasn’t sure just then how it would be done, so I told her not to worry about changing it.  I loved it just the way it was, too.

What I didn’t realize is that Bruce went over later and asked her to go ahead and change the colors of the cats.  So I was surprised when I got an email from Rita with a photograph of the shuttle (she likes to get your final approval before she ships it).  There were my black and gray cats!

Needless to say, I approved the design, and it arrived today.  I LOVE THIS SHUTTLE!  It feels delicious.

Please check out her awesome stuff.  It’s all hand-painted by Rita, and she even makes the shuttles herself, too.  I think I may go back and get a plastic one for when I’m tatting with beads.  I’m pretty rough on my shuttles and I’d feel better using a workhorse instead of such a piece of art.

Her web site:
Her Facebook page:

Happy tatting!

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  • Dawn C Steinike

    December 16, 2016 at 4:25 pm Reply

    I’m in! I really need shuttles that hold beads, and Rita’s look perfect. Thank you SO much for my prize, from your liquidation sale. I wish it didn’t have to be, but life moves forward, whether we pay attention or not. Did I ever tell you, I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease in 2012. I don’t think it’s too far progressed, just enough to slow me down, a little. I made up a tatted Target, to remind myself to stay focused at work. I submitted a picture of it to The Parkinson’s Disease Foundation, for their (free) yearly calendar. I was surprised and delighted when they chose to use my Tatted Target for February’s picture. Thank you for all the delights I’ve enjoyed through the years. I’ve been tatting for almost 35 years, and now, I’m able to use tatting as my PD therapy. It helps me remember who I am and be calm, even there’s a “storm.”

  • Selena

    November 20, 2016 at 1:17 pm Reply

    I love her shuttles the are great for beads.. I have 4 of her shuttles and they are my favorite!

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