Pink Organza Baby Dress

This little pink bit of fluff is for my new granddaughter. Was this a fun dress to make! A bit of a headache a times, but fun. It is made of organza trimmed with satin ribbon and a soft, pink fabric that I don’t know the name of. It’s soft, has nice body, and a side which looks like it’s a satin weave, but not so shiny. The front waistline is trimmed with purchased pink flowers with pink beaded centers. I made matching panties to go over her diaper, too.

The gathering on this dress was unbelievable–I didn’t have to adjust the gathers to make them look nice. There is enough fabric to gather that I just had to cram the gathers in the space. With the stiffness of the organza and the volume of fabric, this dress stands on its own when you set it down on the hem!

Here’s the back of the dress.