Green Ornament Pattern

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Green Ornament Pattern

I love the classic tatting pattern called hens and chicks and used it as the starting row on this ornament. It’s fast, pretty, and easy, and has a slight enough curve to it that it fits around a ball beautifully.

I was most pleased with how well it sits on the ball. In fact, I didn’t even attach it to it. It sits on top of the ball very smoothly, so now I can change the tatting to a different-colored ball if I wish. Plus, if this ball breaks, I can still use the tatting.

This is designated as an intermediate pattern only because of the beading. All the beads are threaded onto the shuttle thread, and it makes the last row a bit awkward. Even so, it’s an easy design using only one shuttle and only rings.

This pattern is available as an instant download upon completion of your order.

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