Tatted Barrette

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Tatted Barrette

Tatting: Barrett side view

This month’s pattern is very simple, although it looks like it’s not. This barrette is done with only rings with beads at the joins, then the whole length is scrunched together and glued to a purchased barrette. This would be very pretty done in white with gold beads or multi-colored beads, too.

How to add a bead at a join

This pattern was tatted with size 20 Flora thread. It is beginning to intermediate level (only because of the beads) and uses one shuttle.

Printable pattern (137K. Opens a new window.)

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ds double stitch R ring bj bead join
p picot lp long picot

You will need:

Tatting thread in your choice of color, size 20
1 tatting shuttle
4mm beads

Be sure you have a full shuttle.

If you wish to make this without the beads, follow the same directions, just leave the beads off. If you do, you will need to make more rings to cover the barrette.

All long picots (lp) need to be big enough that you can thread the bead over it.

R: 5ds p (2ds p) 11 times, 2ds lp 5ds, close
*Leave 1/4″ thread
R: 5ds bj (2ds p) 11 times, 2ds lp 5ds, close
* Repeat until your tatting is twice as long as the length of the barrette without stretching the tatting out straight.
Leave 1/4″ thread
R: 5ds bj (2ds p) 12 times, 5ds, close
Cut, leaving an 18″ tail of thread. Thread on a needle and pass the tail through the bottom of each ring. Pull it snugly and tie the thread to the first ring. Tie off and hide the end. Since this isn’t an heirloom piece, I just use Fray Check and cut it off. Hot glue to the barrette.

Tatting visual pattern

Copyright 2006 by Nancy Tracy, All Rights Reserved.

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